About Us

Pioneers of Automated Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Brooks Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Evolve Mortgage Services, has been a leading provider of cutting-edge technology for the residential finance industry since 1983. Since then, we have supported more than 200 clients, thousands of transactions in all 50 states, and in Puerto Rico and Canada.

  • Services provided for more than 200 clients, representing thousands of transactions
  • Support all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Current clients include 11 of the top 15 and 31 of the top 50 lenders in the US as well as government entities, mortgage bankers/brokers, credit unions, attorneys, title companies and many more industry constituents.


Brooks easy-to-use digital compliance portal allows for users to produce required loan disclosures, integrate math calculations into an application for ANY loan product and perform a comprehensive analysis of loan data to ensure compliance with federal, state and local anti-predatory lending laws — in just a few clicks!

We provide complete technical support with the most precise and agile software available in the market. There are never updates to install or desktop software to purchase. All you need is internet access, and these tools are at your fingertips.

Our Differentiators

Our proprietary technology and legal implementation process validates all anti-predatory lending legislation, market changes, including any program updates, and incorporates them all into our HCLA database at least 30 days prior to its effective date!

Guaranteed 100% compliance with federal, state and local predatory lending regulations

  • Automatic system updates as regulations change or program enhancements are made.
  • Satisfaction of investor requirements, particularly in states that recognize assignee liability.
  • Business rules validation ensures accuracy & regulatory compliance.

System agility: XML format allows for flexible integration

  • Ability to control which loans are reviewed, helps to reduce costs and pinpoint high-risk.
  • Provides increased ability to manage portfolio risk by validating the entire pipeline.
  • Customizable output to display data in any format that you choose.

Realize significant cost savings

  • Through subscription-based service and new bundle service opportunities
  • Thousands of dollars saved by avoiding fines.
  • Eliminates repetitive data entry and risk of errors.

Comprehensive Compliance – Due Diligence Solution

Our automated regulatory compliance analysis at loan level or batch level can:

  • Be fully customized for TPR Diligence
  • Eliminate dependency on outside vendors as it is fully integrated
  • Support Disclosure and Closing Services via SigniaDocuments to instantly produce compliant disclosures – talk about a game changer!
  • Complete set of API calls for other integrations in key applications

Innovators of Compliance and Regulatory Products