TRID Is Here!. Are You Compliant?

The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule took effect on October 3, 2015, introducing new disclosure forms, calculations, concepts, and requirements for all mortgage transactions.

Unrivaled Accuracy and Flexibility

Brooks Systems is up to speed with TRID requirements, and we can get your mortgage institution ready, too. Our fully compliant BrooksWebcalcs application automates the mortgage calculation process to provide the most efficient, accurate, and consistent disclosure tool on the market today.

Our mortgage regulatory compliance software can accurately calculate more mortgage types than any competitor. Our system is completely flexible to fit your needs and can calculate any mortgage type, including:

Brooks Systems has been a residential finance industry leader in accurate and consistent loan calculations for over 20 years. Our loan calculation and disclosure tools provide unrivaled flexibility and can handle all types of loans that our competitors cannot.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Accurate, Reliable Loan Calculations

Errors in loan calculations can lead to devastating discrepancies, underdisclosures, and audits. Trust the market leader in loan calculations to guide you through the new TRID requirements.

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