Brooks Software v8.1

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Brooks Truth in Lending software has been in production for over 20 years. Over this period, its functionality has been expanded to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace. The result of this evolving software is now a Windows-based program that enables the user to disclose any mortgage type for Regulation Z.

As high-speed internet connections become commonplace, more mortgage companies are looking at the web for products that will help speed delivery and increase control while reducing costs. However, not all companies have reached this goal and still may find a need for workstation software. Also, as mortgage programs become more complex, an independent tool to verify the results of an LOS becomes a key to compliance. Often these audits are conducted on-site where the user may not have a web connection.

Brooks provides software to users when it is a better solution than the web. The software is leased per workstation and offers the same disclosure flexibility as our web-based product.

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