Brooks.DLL Math Engine

With 25 years of Truth in Lending history, Brooks.DLL is a mortgage math engine designed to supply all the calculations needed for accurate Truth in Lending compliance. There is no need to re-invent the wheel when Brooks.DLL has been designed to be integrated easily into your processing system. With this product embedded into your LOS/POS it allows you not only to control all the variables, giving consistency to your operation, but also to utilize a flexible math tool that can keep pace with changing mortgage instruments.

As the mortgage industry moves to catch up with the available technology, companies are evaluating web- based services and hosting their LOSs on their own servers. There are a number of web-based solutions and they are an excellent method for gathering third-party data. However, the lender does not always want to sacrifice the speed and control and may prefer a combination of using the web and hosting/processing data on their own system. This will allow them increased speed and control.

By incorporating Brooks.DLL, you can eliminate the limitations that a web browser imposes and still gain the operational and cost advantages of the internet. With Brooks.DLL, you will have a program that is easy to write to and a cost-effective method for handling all Truth in Lending disclosures. Additionally, it will provide you with a tool to create new products and adopt variations on existing products in this fast-paced environment, without jeopardizing compliance.

Brooks.DLL Features and Benefits

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